**all celebration pastries require a minimum of 24 hours notice**

I don’t really care what you are celebrating, but a cake makes it better! Our Cakey Cake Noir is available in two sizes, one for 4-6 people and one for 8-12 people. I say this assuming we’re having nice little slices of cake, not slices so big that we regret it afterwards, but I’ll let you judge what size cake you want. The Cakey Cake Noire has two different varieties of chocolate cake. One layer is a cakey brownie made with dark chocolate, the other a light cocoa genoise. The two cakes are sandwiched with dark chocolate ganache and set in super rich and creamy milk chocolate mousse. The cake is frozen and sprayed with dark chocolate to create a velvet chocolate appearance and is sprinkled with just a touch of rainbow sprinkles, because I’m getting old and appreciate them now. This cake is best if you allow it to warm up a bit before eating.

common allergens: dairy // eggs // wheat