I didn’t like pie as a kid except for the old McDonald’s apple pie that was deep fried, which I don’t think is that strange. Sometime in my childhood, maybe around 1987 at a Bakers Square in Indiana I tried “Dutch” apple pie for the first time. Who am I to say what is authentic or good, but I know I liked that pie.  I probably wouldn’t like it now, but I like this apple tart inspired by that moment in time. We start with our classic almond shortbread and fill it with apple butter frangipane and a mix of apples. After baking we top it with apple butter, caramel, and walnut pecan brown sugar crumble. A light dusting of cinnamon scented sugar, caramelized apples, and smoked vanilla Calvados mousse. I can’t say that time travel is real, but sometimes food can be pretty close.


common allergies: pecans//walnuts//almonds//eggs//dairy//wheat