There are two kinds of scones really, the kind that are more cakey, really sweet, probably coated in some sort of icing, and if that is the case probably aren’t fresh. Then there are the kind that are more like a biscuit, slightly sweet but the sweetness is most noted by a chunk of dried fruit, buttery with some crunch on the edges. I like the latter. Our scone is made from a classic scone recipe made with a mix of buttermilk and cream, it is chock full of dried blueberries and almonds. It is lightly kissed with lemon zest and just the right amount of chopped white chocolate. Before baking it is brushed with cream and sprinkled with coarse sugar for just the right amount of sweetness and extra crunch. I like scones, especially as we dream of autumn!

common allergies:  dairy//almonds//wheat