Just about any blueberry dessert I create is inspired by my gramps. He is no longer with us, but we had some great times. He had three giant blueberry bushes in his garden, and I would pick blueberries using old Dannon yoghurt containers as a bucket. I would eat the blueberries, he made blueberry wine. Anywho, this dessert just so happens to be gluten free in case that is of special interest to you. It starts with a nice thick piece of almond marzipane cake studded with chopped white chocolate, dried blueberries, and chopped pistachios. The cake is dipped in white chocolate and topped with lemon blueberry sauce. Next is a layer of pistachio dacquoise, (a Frech gluten free nut cake). Cream cheese panna cotta and fresh blueberries are surrounded by blueberry mousse. The cake is sprayed with lavender colored white chocolate and topped with Greek yoghurt chantilly. Enjoy!

common allergies: eggs//dairy//almonds//pistachios