Who doesn’t like chocolate and cherries? No need to speak up if that is you. I didn’t like cherry a lot as a child, but I think that is because most of what I was exposed to was artificially flavored or overly sweet cherry products. Sour cherries, they’re the best. We start this dessert with a cakey chocolate brownie cake studded with dried tart sour cherries. Once the cake is cooled we spread a layer of cherry compote made with luxardo candied cherries and dried sour cherries stewed in morello cherry puree. Next we add a layer of vanilla mousse and top it with soft cocoa genoise. The cake is cut and the sides are dipped in a chocolate to give you a coating reminiscent of ho ho’s and ding dongs of childhood. Each slice is then topped with vanilla scented white chocolate chantilly and dark chocolate chantilly and more luxardo cherries. Who doesn’t like chocolate and cherries now? Please keep quiet if you don’t.


common allergies: eggs//dairy//wheat