Pine pollen plastering my car, and the sound of constant sneezing reminds me that spring is here which pretty much means it will feel like summer in a week or two. That has me dreaming of all things berries and cream, so here you go. This is a nice and light, fruit tart that is a little more than your normal fruit tart. We start with my favorite shortbread sable Breton. I love it for it’s salted crumbly texture. Then we add a nice light raspberry cream emulsified with greek yoghurt making it nice and light, but still tart. Then we pile on fresh berries and vanilla mascarpone chantilly. We sneak in a few pieces of violet scented marzipan cake to make it more like a trifle, and top it off with a raspberry macaron. I hope you enjoy it!

common allergies: eggs//dairy// almonds