* Galette des Rois will be available for pick up Thursday January 6 and all Fridays and Saturdays in January, please order 24 hours in advance*

Whether you celebrate Theophany, Epiphany, or Christmastide on January 6, or just need another excuse to have a treat; our Classic Galette des Rois won’t disappoint. We’re not reinventing the wheel, but paying homage to one of my favorite traditional French pastries. The Galette des Rois is made with delicate flaky puff pastry sandwiched with almond frangipane cream, think of it as a giant almond croissant! Each Galette comes with a traditional porcelain feve to hide in the cake and a crown. If you want to stick with tradition, when cutting the cake, always ensure there is an extra slice for an unexpected visitor. Then before serving, the youngest person is to hide under the table and determine who gets each slice so that the server can’t be accused of playing favorites as whoever receives the porcelain feve is King for the Day!

This dessert will be available Thursday January 6 and the weekends of January

serves 6-8


common allergies: eggs//dairy //almonds