* 24 hour notice is needed to prepare this celebration cake*


If you liked the l’revien cake you will probably like this one. I think it is better and I was super tired of making the other one so try a new cake.  Gateau Dang! is comprised of two layers of buttermilk cocoa cake (think home made box cake) sandwiched with raspberry puree, raspberry jam, and vanilla creme brulee with raspberries baked inside. All of that nonsense is surrounded by dark milk chocolate mousse. What is dark milk chocolate mousse? Well, we take my favorite dark chocolate mousse recipe and back off a bit and incorporate some milk chocolate for some extra creaminess that I think all of the raspberry additions really need. Then we add a base layer of crunchy wafer coated with milk chocolate. We glaze the cake with the shiny stuff you like and dress it up with crushed wafer, vanilla cream, and fresh raspberries. It’s pretty and pretty dang good!

Pro tip, bring the cake out of the refrigerator at least 20 minutes before eating.

serves 6+


common allergies: eggs//dairy