* Gateau du Weekends are available for pick up Friday and Saturday only, please order by Thursday*

We all can use a little sweet escape right now so every other week we will create a new cake/dessert/thing you can bring home to share with your family, or whoever.  This Gateau du Weekend is the classic Flan Parisienne and if you know, then you know. Traditionally made with either pate brisee (think French pie dough) or pate sucre (sweet almond shortbread) and pastry cream, the dessert is baked a long time to ensure the dough is cooked which gives the caramelized top. Inside is a luscious creamy texture that needs to be experienced. We prepare ours with pate brisee as I like the tender flaky saltiness of the dough combined with the rich creamy texture of the pastry cream. The pastry cream that we make for this is enhanced with extra egg yolks to make it that much richer, more vanilla beans, and just a touch of orange blossom water. It is great for dessert after a nice meal either at room temp or warmed slightly. I also like a leftover slice for breakfast.

serves 8 or so


common allergies: eggs//dairy