Very rarely do I ever see a food item on the interweb that makes me say, “I want that!” Korean cream cheese garlic buns are different and made me want to make them. After I made them I said, “Yes, these are good.” Now we are making them daily, at least for now. They are a weird mix of kind of an individual savory bread pudding, cheese danish, and garlic bread all in one. They are nothing like the Texas toast garlic bread you probably ate as a kid. Individual buns are soaked with a garlic parsley batter and filled with a lightly sweetened cream cheese (think crab rangoon). Then the buns get another dip in the garlic batter, sprinkled with grana padano cheese and are baked.  I like them warmed up, they are deliciously soft, creamy, slightly sweet, and savory all at the same time.


common allergies:  eggs/dairy