When I was a kid I remember chocolate peanut butter pie being more of a thing, maybe it was growing up in the midwest. It was always this giant monstrosity of a dessert that was probably more calories in a slice than you should eat in a day and left you feeling like you wanted to sprawl out on the floor. I wanted to recreate aspects of what was so enjoyable about chocolate peanut butter pie, but one that left you ready to go for a stroll, not give up on life for the rest of the day. We focus more on contrasting layers and textures in our version. It starts with our classic almond shortbread, then a layer of flourless chocolate cake is baked inside. We top that with salted caramel and roasted peanuts. Next some homemade peanut butter and our peanut butter cream cheese mousse. The little pie is then dipped in dark chocolate and glazed with caramel. While we keep them refrigerated I suggest you let them relax at room temperature before eating, it will make it even better. Then go for a stroll with a friend!

common allergies: peanuts//eggs//dairy//almonds