Guess what song is in my head right now? I love cream puffs, all kinds, but ones that have rich creamy nut praline creams are my favorite. I’ll be honest, it’s only been recently that I’ve grown to like macadamia nuts. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them, I just didn’t really think they were anything amazing. Toasted though, and mixed with dark caramel and toasted coconut and ground into a rich creamy nut butter whipped with rich pastry cream and a little salted butter changes everything. Put that in a cream puff with some coconut caramel sauce and hot damn, you’ve got something special. Cream puffs are kind of like John Prine songs, there is one for any occasion and I’m pretty much in the mood for them any day. For what it’s worth I can still remember the first time I was introduced to John Prine, it was on WTTW pbs 11, don’t recall the show, but I remember that night. ┬áMusic and food can both be your windows to different worlds.


common allergies: eggs//dairy//tree nuts-macadamia coconut