Peanut butter and chocolate have always been my weakness and this cake takes advantage of that at taunts me all day long. This cake not only combines peanut butter and chocolate, but throws caramel in there too. We start with a layer of almond meringue cake, top it with whipped salted caramel ganache and a healthy layer of chopped roasted salted peanuts. Then we add a layer of flourless dark chocolate cake (it’s like eating brownie batter, but better). Next is a layer of peanut butter mousse. A layer of cocoa meringue cake tops it off. Then we dip each piece into milk chocolate and dress it up with a peanut butter cream cheese cremeux, more whipped salted caramel ganache, and milk chocolate chantilly. Roasted salted peanuts add more crunch and are like little grains of sea salt on top. I love this cake, but if your will power is strong enough I suggest you let it warm up a bit, it only makes it that much better!


common allergies: eggs//dairy//peanuts//almonds