One of my all time favorite desserts is the classic baba au rhum, however I find that many find it not as appealing. In a quest to change that we have taken the classic baba au rhum and gave it a twist. Baba are a very light yeasted pastry somewhere between a cake and a very light brioche that are purposely baked to be not sweet and on the dry side. This is because they are then soaked with a rum flavored syrup. In this case we use bourbon and also flavor with vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, lemon, and orange. Why do we use bourbon? Well, because I think it goes better with the Carolina peaches and the buttermilk vanilla bean panna cotta. The dessert also receives vanilla chantilly and cinnamon caramelized pistachios. So unsweet cake that is dry and soaked with syrup not sound appealing? I know it’s strange, but to me it is very similar to tres leches cake, another pastry that is purposely made to be dry and not sweet so that it soaks up the sweet milky custard. I like tres leches cake, but I love baba au rhum and now baba au bourbon!

common allergies: eggs//dairy//pistachios