A tart similar to this was on our menu when we opened on November 24, 2014, yes I still remember the exact day. This tart is better because we added etc. I did not grow up liking pies, I realized that I don’t have a fondness for raw dough and I think a common trait amongst my family and its extensions is under baking pies. It’s probably not their fault, they followed the recipe. I started liking pecan pie when I tasted it in a tart. The shortbread dough when fully baked was so crunchy and I liked how it balanced the creaminess of the pecan pie filling. Fast forward twenty years and I have tinkered with pecan pie filling quite a bit, I think it is good now, creamy, rich, layered with flavor, and chock full of pecans, coconut, dark chocolate, and cocoa nibs. Dark rum shows up in there somewhere and then the coconut mousse. You will never want whipped cream again. Be patient, let it warm up a bit.


common allergies: eggs//dairy//almonds//pecans