I don’t know why I always think of carrot cake around springtime, but alas here we are, it’s spring and we have another version of carrot cake. This may be one of my favorite carrot cakes because I think it pays respect to the carrot cake I loved as a kid, but it is taken to the next level without losing anything of the OG carrot cake. We start with two layers of good old fashioned carrot cake, a layer of traditional cream cheese frosting (my favorite frosting of all time), a layer of cream cheese mousse (even lighter and more cloud like than the frosting), and then here is where things get crazy. The only things that have bothered me about carrot cake as I have gotten older and my palate has changed is this, sometimes  I find the texture redundant, really soft gooey cake and really soft frosting, eat, repeat. The other is that even with the sourness of cream cheese, it tends to be on the sweet side. Wait for it. To combat this we add a crispy base of hazelnut and walnut streusel, and a thin layer of apricot compote. Sweet, gooey, creamy, tart, and crunchy, your mouth will be happy.


common allergies: eggs//dairy//hazelnuts// walnuts// pecans