There probably hasn’t been more than a six month time span since we opened that we didn’t have some sort of lemon-ish tart on our menu. It also seems that as both lucettegrace and I get older I find myself desiring the most simplistic of lemon tarts. I don’t know if this one can get any simpler or better. We start with our classic almond shortbread used for who knows how many years in France. We delicately poach a custard of fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, lime juice, lime zest, vanilla beans, eggs, and sugar. When the custard is cooked we strain it and allow it to cool to body temperature so that when we emulsify it with soft butter, the temperature of the custard is not hot enough to melt the butter. This gives the creamiest custard possible.


common allergies: almonds//eggs//dairy//wheat