Yes, I know these are two different cities and an airport. This dessert is inspired by a classic French pastry called Paris-Brest. Its round shape represents a bicycle wheel to celebrate the famed annual bicycle race from Paris to Brest. We created a version of our Raleigh-Durham pastry eight years ago for our opening menu, I was craving it so it made a return. Pate a choux, the dough used to make eclairs is piped in the traditional round shape. It is filled with homemade pecan hazelnut praline and a light hazelnut pecan praline cream. In the center is a cream puff filled with vanilla chantilly. If you don’t like nuts you should probably avoid this dessert. I have been a fan of cycling and bicycles long before I even knew what French pastry was, maybe one day we’ll have a bicycle race from Raleigh to Durham.






common allergies: eggs//dairy//pecans // hazelnuts