Strawberries have always been a favorite of mine. I don’t know where it started, but as a kid I preferred strawberry milk over chocolate; and strawberry Charleston Chews were the best. As a kid my grandfather would take my brother and I strawberry picking. He would tell us that at the end, they weigh the buckets, not the kids.  I think we ate a lot of berries in the field. This tart isn’t what I ate as a kid for sure, but it is a nod to my grandparents. The strawberry mousse is rich and creamy like the strawberry milk I drank as a kid, before anyone considered skim milk. Underneath the mousse are fresh strawberries, I didn’t pick these, but maybe I’ll get a chance to this season. Next is a layer of brown butter almond cake chock full of fresh diced rhubarb, it’s kind of a fancier version of those golden shortcakes you would find in the store oddly in the produce section next to the strawberries and that weird strawberry gel stuff. All of that is nestled in our almond shortbread which provides the perfect buttery crunch finish to each bite. Some desserts take you to far off lands, some back to your grandparent’s kitchen.


common allergies: eggs//dairy//almonds