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We're currently closed.We're open again on Wednesday (July 24, 2024) from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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    where can I park?

    There is street parking along Salisbury Street, Martin Street, and Hargett Street. Don’t forget to pay your meter on weekdays between 8am and 5pm. There are a handful of parking decks available as well, within 2 to 3 blocks of the café.

    do you have macarons?

    YES. We carry macarons daily, and typically have around 8 flavors at a time. Explore the options here.

    I would love lucettegrace breakfast delivered to my office. how do I order?

    Visit our catering page for more info. You can place one-time orders or fill out the form for special events and reoccurring office catering.

    I think a custom red velvet birthday cake from lucettegrace would be fantastic. will you do this, just for me?

    lucettegrace values quality and uniqueness over mass-produced and mediocre. This is why we stick to our specialties, so we can give you the best of what we know how to do: delicious pastry at reasonable prices. We offer a variety of seasonal cakes throughout the year, but cannot accommodate special requests at this time.

    what happened to the bacon croissant*? it was my favorite! will you bring it back?

    *Insert your favorite lg treat that you can’t find on the menu: We shifted our menu in 2017 to offer a set of signature items available all year-round, and a set of special pastry that will change seasonally or when the winds of change blow through the LG kitchen. Some items will return season after season, and some will be here today + gone tomorrow! Check out our menu to see what’s available now, and feel free to ask our staff about limited editions when you visit.

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