That whole don’t judge a book by it’s cover should also be for pastries. Good things come in small packages would also apply. Canneles to me are one of the most magical little pastries around. A simple almost crepe like batter heavily infused with vanilla beans and a good amount of dark rum,(through many years of tasting I like Goslings Black Seal). It is baked in a super expensive little tin lined copper mold at high heat. The copper being such a good conductor of heat creates a crispy caramelized exterior. The inside is soft like a good custardy bread pudding. It takes a special person to enjoy a canneles, someone that can look past the shiny glazed cakes adorned with gold leaf, or the recognizable, but delicious chocolate chunk cookies, to take a chance on a little unassuming pastry. You may know that we only make this pastry from September until about Memorial Day, then we stop when the humidty creeps up and wreaks havoc on the crispy exterior so enjoy them while they are here.

common allergies:  dairy, eggs