If you have ever checked out our menu before you will know I love twice baked croissants. Our baklava croissant is my favorite twice baked croissant of all time and something I created for lucettegrace before we even opened. It has been a staple since we opened only taking brief rests so that we can experiment with other flavors and focus on seasonal and holiday flavors from time to time, but whenever it returns it is like seeing an old friend after months apart. Our baklava croissant starts with a traditional croissant that is toasted and dipped in a honey syrup flavored with orange zest and orange blossom water, it is then filled with a baklava inspired frangipane cream made with walnuts, pistachios, almonds, and flavored with cinnamon. The fragrance as they bake is intoxicating, and when they are out of the oven they receive a dusting of powdered sugar and a sprinkling of ground pistachios. Welcome back old friend!

allergies: eggs/ dairy / almonds / pistachios / walnuts