Almost nine years ago we created a cake called When Larry met Escazu. I tried to take this cake off the menu so many times, but it kept coming back with tiny changes that seemed to appease both you and me. I did like the cake, but the pastry I wanted then isn’t the pastry I want now. We all seem to talk about balance in our lives, but not many talk about balance in pastry or food in general. Food and pastry need balance too and I think the old cake was just a little out of balance. In this cake we take the same intensely dark chocolate mousse, but pair it with raspberry studded vanilla creme brulee instead of coffee creme brulee. The lightness of the vanilla and the acidity of one raspberry do so many wonderful things to this cake. We also adjusted the cake on the bottom to be our rich flourless dark chocolate cake. So now you have intense dark chocolate balanced with rich creamy vanilla creme brulee, a touch of raspberry, and it’s now gluten free, the best of both worlds really!


common allergies: eggs//dairy